Saturday, November 14, 2009



Salam..aku dah buat detox nih...bermula pada isnin lepas - 09/11/09.Hari ni 14/11/09 bermakna dah hari ke enam...
aku rasanya agak ralat krana tak ikut detox nih 100% . hanya kerana aku x makan sayur..hahahhaha
esok baru nk timbang..berdebar2 nih...adoiiiiiiiiiiiyai

This program is designed for a target weight loss of 5-6kgs per week. It will also improve your attitude and emotions because of its systematic cleansing effects. The effectiveness of this 7 day plan is that the foods eaten burn more calories than they give to the body in caloric value. This plan can be used as often as you like to without any fear of complications. It is designed to flush your system of impurities and give you a feeling of well being. After 7 days you will begin to feel lighter by at least 10 pounds. You will have an abundance of energy and an improved disposition.

During the first 7 days you must drink 10 glasses of water each day.


All fruits except bananas. Your first day will consists of all fruits you want. It is suggested you consume lost of watermelon and cantaloupe.


All vegetables. You are encouraged to eat until you are stuffed with all the new and cooked vegetables of your choice. There is no limit on the account or type. Avoid oil and coconut while cooking vegetables. Have large boiled potato for breakfast.


Any mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Any amount, any quantity. No bananas yet and No potatoes today.


Bananas and milk. Today you will eat as many as 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk. You can also have I bowl of vegetables soup.


Today is a feast day. You will eat 1 cup of rice.** You also have to eat 6 whole tomatoes and drink 12 glasses of water today to cleanse your system of the excess uric acid you will be producing.

** yang nie kita gantikan dengan roti/bihun (selain nasi ler)


Today is another all vegetables day. You must eat 1 cup of rice today and eat all the vegetables you want cooked and uncooked to your heart’s content.


Today your food intake will consist of 1 cup rice, fruit juice and the vegetables you care to consume. Tomorrow morning you will be 5 to 8 kgs. lighter than 1 week ago. If you desire further weight loss, repeat the program again. Repeat the program as often as you like, however, it is suggested that you rest for 3 days before every repetition.

You have your system under control now and it will thank you for all the purging and cleansing you just gave it. Even more than a diet program it is good to follow this diet once in a while to clean your

digestive system and remove toxic substances that have a accumulated in the system.


The most important element of the program is the 10 tall glasses of water a day. You can also flavor the water with some lemon to make the drink easier. While on the program, take only black coffee and never more than one teaspoon of oil. Preferably do not use oil because the high calorific content. No fruit juices before day seven.

Here is what happens to you body while you are on this program and how and why it works.

Day 1: You are preparing your system for the upcoming program. Your only source of nutrition is fresh fruits. Fruits are nature’s perfect food. They provide everything you can possibly want to sustain life except total balance and variety.

Day 2: Starts with a fix complex carbohydrates in the form of a boiled potato. This is taken in the form of a boiled potato and taken in the morning to provide energy and balance. The rest of the day too consists of vegetables which are virtually calories free and provide essential nutrients and fiber.

Day 3: Eliminates the potato because you get your carbohydrates from fruits. Your system is now prepared to start burning excess pounds. You will have cravings, which should start to diminish by day four.

Day 4: Bananas and milk. You are in for a surprise. You probably will not be able to eat all the bananas allowed. But they are there fore the potassium you have lost and the sodium you may have missed the last three days. You will notice a definite loss of desire for sweets and you will be surprised at how easy this day will go.

Day 5: Rice and tomatoes. The rice is for the carbohydrates and the tomatoes are for the digestion and the fiber. Lots of water purifies your system. You should notice colorless urine today. Do not feel you have to eat one cup rice, you may eat less. But you must eat six tomatoes.

Day 6: It is similar to five. Vitamins and fiber from the vegetables and carbohydrates from the rice. By now your system is in a total weight loss inclination. There should be a noticeable difference in the way you look today compared to day one.

More than one cup of coffee with milk is especially forbidden. Milk and oil add empty calories to your diet. Avid coffee lovers can console themselves with black coffee. However, after the first week, it will help your digestion and set your stomach. The key think to remember is that if you are hungry at any time, then you are not following the diet correctly. Almost all people give up the diet when they are hungry because of dieting. The secret of this program is that you should never hungry. If it is a vegetable day, eat so much vegetable so that you are never hungry. If it is a fruits day, eat so much fruits that you are never hungry. You may be bored of eating vegetables all day, but you should not be hungry.

Pengalaman Orang yang pernah buat Diet nie...

I went thru this program but with little modification. I started my diet on the 7th September after a heavy breakfast. My wife has been nagging me to reduce my weight and later my maid started nagging me too. I was 110 kilo when I started, my waist size was 44 and stomach circumference was 48 inches. Today I am 98kg, waist size dropped to 40 and stomach circumference is 45.

day 12-14


day 4(detox), day 12(99htn)

day 5(detox), day 13(99htn)
Bekpes:bihun goreng...
Lunch: xde..
Dinner:air teh ngan brown sugar

day 6(detox), day 14(99htn)
Bekpes:Milo 0 + koayteow goreng (jamah jer)
Lunch:meggie kari
Dinner:air kosong

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 9-11

hari nih aku memulakan seminggu dalam perbersihan diri..hehehheehe..detox ala aku n kawan2...

day 1(detox), day 9(99htn)

Bekfes: buah tembikai, pear kuning+epal+h2o
Lunch: buah tembikai, pear kuning+epal+h2o
dinner:pear kuning+h2o

day 2(detox), day 10(99htn)

Bekfes: keledek rebus+h2o

Lunch: coleslaw buatan sendiri+h2o
dinner:coleslaw lagi+h2o

day 3(detox), day 11(99htn)
Bekfes: pear kuning+epal+mayo+h2o

Lunch: pear kuning+epal+mayo+h2o

apa yang membanggakan aku ialah..rakan se detox aku telah ada yang turun dari 1-2.5 kg dalam 3 hari nih...
ini yang menambahkan semangat nih walaupun sebenarnya bdn sedikit lemah n rasa nk demam...kurang karbo nih...
apapun tinggal lagi 4 hari tok detox ni...sekali detox di sarankan buat selama seminggu yakni 7 hari...

day 1: all buah-buahan
day 2:all sayur-sayuran
day 3:mix buah n sayur
day 4:banana 8 n milk 3 cup
day 5-7 nanti aku hapdet ek...
doakan cabaran dalam cabaran ini akan membuahkan hasil...

cabaran day7-8

Dah lama tak menghapdet.lately ni bz skit...byk kerojer...tambah2 sibuk melayan anak2 buah semasa di pun sebab rasa x sedap badan..klu tido terus mgkn flat saja melayan facebook n sesambil tu hapdet new info...untuk :

day 7:
bekpes roti telur+teh o
lunch x sempat amik...
dinner ikan sambal + milo

Day 8:
bekpes :milo

lunch :sup ayam n ayam sambal+roti
dinner:xde..letih seharian kat luar...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cabaran day 6

ID 94
Pra bekpes:susu alpha lipid ngan air suam
Bekpes:koay teow goreng+teh o
Lunch:Koay teow + teh o gak
Dinner:lempeng+sambal ikan bilis+milo

Cabaran hari ke 5

ID 94
Pra bekpes:susu alpha lipid ngan air suam
Bekpes:koay teow goreng+maggi+telor mata+cokodok+teh o
Lunch:maggi ayam+ milo
Dinner:milo panas+biskut+epal

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cabaran 4th Day

ID 94
Salam ...hari nih nyer menu...still xde sayur...hehehehe...aku janji akan cuba makan sayur gak dalam cabaran kali nih...cuma xtau bila nk mula...ngeri sih...

Pra bekpes:susu alpha lipid ngan air suam
Bekpes: roti kawen n air teh o panas
Lunch: bbrp keping Pizza n 2 gelas air pepsi + sup (tak tahan...bbrp tu maknanya byk la...)
Dinner:ayam gulai

Aku mmg hantu fast food...klu makan pizza mmg x hingat dunia dah...sorry ek sumi n selly coz terpaksa layan tekak nih..hehehhehe...kawan yang baik...sorry gak pada mokcik kerana terjebak sama....

Cabaran 3rd day

ID 94
Aku jenis yang tak reti sangat makan sayur...maka menu aku mmg la xde sayur..klu nk gak tgk aku makan sayur...ikutlah ke KFC...Coleslaw tu la sayur aku...
xtahu naper aku x makan...pd aku rasanya pahit n mmg x sedap...hehehehehe..kalah anak2 kecik...
apapun aku just nk update menu hari ke3 aku nih...

Pra Bekpes:Susu alpha lipid dan air suam
Bekpes:  Tose biasa ngan teh panas
Lunch:mee goreng ngan teh panas
minum ptg:ubi keledek goreng
Dinner:Milo panas ngan 2 keping biskut

gambar untuk melayakkan diri...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cabaran 2nd Day

ID 94

semalam berkira2 nk beli penimbang sendiri...lom tangkap gambar lagi nih...takut lak disqualified lak nanti...
Pra Bekpes: air kosong  & susu alpha lipid
Bekpes:koay teow goreng(1 senduk)& cokodok + teh o panas
Lunch: Koeyteow goreng  & teh o panas
Dinner: Sekeping roti cicah milo panas
aku cuba amalkan minum segelas air sebelum n selepas bangun tido...harap2 berterusan la...
nk beli scale...nk beli scale...nak beli penimbang...nak beli penimbang...

cabaran 1st day 99HTN

ID 94
Cabaran hari pertama: padaku klu x makan nasi  bknlah cabaran yang besar..bukan nak cakap besar tapi itulah hakikatnya...kawan2 rapat semua tahu...kuarga apatah lagi...Aku masuk cabaran ni pun bkn aim tok menang hadiah pun...cuma nk jadikan cabaran ni untuk aku lebih berdisiplin dalam memilih makanan sihat...

1st day:
Bekpes: mkn 2 keping roti  kawen ngan daging burger ayam + milo panas
Lunch:sepotong tembikai,seketul ayam goreng,1/2 ikan sambal
minum petang: 2 keping lempeng + milo panas
Dinner:minum susu alpha lipid n air suam...

masalah aku ni...mmg klu xnk makan mmg jgn suruh la..mmg xmkan punyer...tapi...aku kalah ngan fast food...klu bg pizza...sah2 yang saiz regular tu tok aku sorang jer...klu KFC, McD, tu mmg dah jd cam rutin camner...xcersize...mmg xde la...tu yang berat kepala hotak ni memikio nyer...aku dah cuba kurangkan mkn fastfood nih...hasilnya dua minggu sekali...tu pun kena kuatkan semangat....dugaan kat byk nih...tambah2 klu ada iklan baru kat TV...hati nih meronta2 jer nk taste...

any idea teman2 seperjuangan?...aku cuma isau...mmg la 99 hari tak makan nasi...tapi berat aku ttp naik...uwaaaaaa